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Carnarvon Town CentreCarnarvon Town Centre

One Mile JettyOne Mile Jetty

RCS Carnarvon Office along Robinson RoadRCS Carnarvon Office along Robinson Road

RCS Carnarvon Office (interior)RCS Carnarvon Office (interior)

Carnarvon is a regional town just north of the 26th parallel, 904km north of Perth. It sits on the coast at the mouth of the Gascoyne River – the longest river in Western Australia.

The Carnarvon site was established in 2009 after a successful 2008 rotation of students from Geraldton.

The office is located on the first floor of Unit 14 at 12 Robinson Street, Carnarvon. The office has a fully equipped library, internet access, a separate room for studying and a videoconference/meeting room designed to meet the requirements of students. Access to these facilites is provided 24/7 to all students and staff.

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  2. Health services


  • Our student house is near the centre of town in a great location. The house has three bedrooms, two studies, two bathrooms, a spacious separate indoor living area and a very well presented outdoor entertaining area with a BBQ.
  • There is a below-ground swimming pool that has an automatic filter system (in Carnarvon's climate this can be used for nine to ten months of the year). The yard is well established and both the pool and the gardens are maintained by a contracted gardener.
  • There are full security doors and an alarm system for your peace of mind and safety. The house is fully equipped with all kitchen appliances, linen and household furniture. There is also a four-car garage with an electric door so you can store your car/bike/transport securely.
  • The house is about five to ten minutes walk to any of the health centres in town. The house has wireless internet access, as does the office.
  • Many people in Carnarvon ride bicycles as the terrain is fairly flat and the weather mild, so you are encouraged to bring your bikes.
  • Walking in the daytime is also encouraged.

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Health services

Carnarvon Regional Hospital

Carnarvon has a WACHS Regional Hospital with an Emergency Department, general ward, labour and geriatric wards. You will rotate through the hospital and get lots of practical clinical experience in a wide range of specialties.

The Carnarvon Regional Hospital is staffed by six District Medical Officers and a Senior Medical Officer who provide 24 hour Emergency Department, anaesthetic and obstetric cover.

Visiting specialists

A range of specialists visit Carnarvon on a regular basis. Every specialist who visits Carnarvon is happy to have students work with them in a clinical and/or a theatre setting, and all students have the opportunity to work with the specialists on an equal basis.

There is a thriving Continuing Medical Education program at the hospital. As students you will be an active part of this and you can attend all sessions to improve your knowledge and skill set.

The specialists who visit Carnarvon are listed below.

  • Gynaecologist – monthly clinics/theatre
  • Paediatrician – monthly clinics
  • Radiologist – monthly clinics
  • Ophthalmologist – monthly clinics/theatre
  • General Surgeon – monthly clinics/theatre
  • ENT – anticipate monthly clinics/theatre
  • Dermatologist – six-monthly clinics
  • Rheumatologist – six-monthly clinics
  • Urologist – quarterly clinics/theatre
  • Physician – monthly clinics.

Aboriginal Medical Services

The Aboriginal Medical Services is situated within walking distance of the hospital and General Practice. The medical doctors and Aboriginal health workers there see a wide range of Aboriginal health problems in a culturally sensitive and safe environment.

Aboriginal health is a specialised area of practice that presents a wide range of learning opportunities for students. You will be exposed to various elements of acute and chronic disease management at the AMS, especially medical conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Chronic Kidney Disease and Hypertension.

The importance of extended family and developing a trusting relationship with your Aboriginal patients will also become apparent.

Carnarvon Medical Centre (General Practice)

The Carnarvon Medical Centre is situated about five minutes walk from the Carnarvon Hospital and the Carnarvon Aboriginal Medical Service. It has three full-time general practitioners, a full-time practice nurse and visiting allied health staff.

The CMC is owned and operated by Dr Kornelis (Kees) Bakker who also works part-time as a Medical Coordinator at the Rural Clinical School. All of the GPs are actively involved in the education and training of the RCSWA students and are welcoming to them.

Working within the CMC you will have the opportunity to work alongside the GPs as they consult and perform procedures, as well as Women's Health and Acute and Chronic Disease clinics.

Community services

  • Carnarvon Aboriginal Medical Service
  • Community Drug Services Team
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Gascoyne Population Health
  • Home and Community Care
  • Mental Health Unit Carnarvon
  • PathWest Carnarvon
  • Primary Health Unit
  • Silver Chain Carnarvon

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